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This website is a dedication to everyone who loves the nation and people of Israel, most of all to the Jews themselves who have been persecuted through the Centuries and who continue to suffer prejudice, hatred and slander from most of the nations on this planet.

Anyone who has visited the Yad Veshem museum must be sickened at the way, not just Nazi Germany but virtually all the nations have treated the people who God says are the ‘apple of His eye’ and ‘His Chosen People’.

It seems to the writer that anyone who is in anyway prejudiced against the Jew should seriously examine whether their problem isn’t rather with God because if any person takes a stand in direct opposition to what God says, then surely he/she is to be greatly pitied.

Let’s see what God says about our responsibilities to these who are His Chosen race.

Jeremiah 29:7Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - שלום shalom signifies both peace and prosperity.

Let her unanimity never be disturbed; let her prosperity ever be on the increase!

They shall prosper that love thee - In the peace and prosperity of the city, they shall find their peace and their prosperity; and even on this ground they should love the city, and labour to promote its best interests. There is a remarkable alliteration in this verse, the letter ש shin frequently recurring.

שאלו שלום ירושלם ישליו אהביך
Shaalu shelom yerushalam yishlayu ohabeycha.

"Ask ye the prosperity of Jerusalem; they shall be quiet that love thee."

There are remarkable specimens of similar alliteration to be found in all poets, ancient and modern.
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The shall prosper that love thee - Or rather, They shall have peace that love thee; or, May they have peace that love thee. The word prosper conveys an idea which is not in the original. The Hebrew word means to be "secure," "tranquil," "at rest," spoken especially of one who enjoys quiet prosperity, Job 3:26; Job 12:6.

The essential idea is that of quietness or rest; and the meaning here is, that those who love Zion will have peace; or, that the tendency of that love is to produce peace. See Romans 5:1. The prayer was for "peace;" the thought in connection with that was naturally that those who loved Zion would have peace. It is indeed true, in general, that they who love Zion, or who serve God, will "prosper" (compare the notes at 1 Timothy 4:8), but that is not the truth taught here.

The idea is that they will have peace: peace with God; peace in their own consciences; peace in the prospect of death and of the future world; peace amidst the storms and tempests of life; peace in death, in the grave, and forever.

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